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Adam-Fussmatten GmbH + Co

Entrance mats for European dealers.


We produce high-quality entrance mats for professional use.

We divided the many types of entrance mat into three groups (Light, Profi, Stabil) in order to make the selection of the optimum entrance mat somewhat simpler.

The Alu-Profilmatten Light are optimised for purely personal traffic (private sector, smaller revolving door units etc.).

The  Alu-Profilmatten Profi  coverthe largest area and the largest range of selections is to be found here (commercial, public and industrial sector).

The  Alu-Profilmatten Stabil should be chosen if the entrance mats are subject to additional loads such as pallet jacks or the like. Only the Stable aluminum profile mats have been tested by the RW TÜV for selfsupporting installation!

Naturally we also manufacture Fußmatten aus Kokos, Gummiwabenmatten and the matching Winkelrahmen. For information, visit this website or call us. We will be only too pleased to advise you.